Jim Goldberg

Greece. Athens. 2004. This girl and her mother and five siblings escaped by boat to Greece after her father was killed in the war in Somalia. Several of her fellow passengers drowned when the boat capsized while en route to Greece.
Greece. Lavrio. 2005. Detained Afghani refugee shows scars received from Taliban torture. Lavrio Detention Center.
Greece. Komitini. 2005. Alay Koyou Gypsy (Roma) Camp: This is the family album of the owner of the cafe (who is also the president of the camp). The cafe serves as a meeting place for the camp's men.
Greece. Athens. 2005. Fahmd Hassan, a young Somali refugee, arrived in Greece alone. She has no documentation, and no family. She faces certain deportation, and must fear for her life upon return to Somalia.
Greece. 2003
Bangladesh. 2007. River where workers dredge rocks to later be pulverized to make concrete.
Bangladesh. Dhaka. 2007. Woman collecting garbage to recycle.
Bangladesh. Dhaka. 2007. Man from slums in Dhaka.
India. 2008. People on HIV medication.
Bangladesh. Dhaka. 2007. Man at a recruitment center.
Democratic Republic of Congo. 2008. It's said that 5 MM people have died due to the decade old conflict in the DRC. This family lives in a refugee camp where a growing number of displaced people live in plastic sheet-covered shacks, where hunger and disease are the worst killers.
Senegal. 2008. This man was waiting for a human trafficker to bring him to the boat heading to the Canary Islands from Senegal.
Mauritania. Nouadhibou. 2008. These are two men (one from Mali, one from Sierra Leone) both attempted to leave by boat to Spain. Sadly, their boat started to sink. Two people died and people were very sick; they were "rescued" by the Spanish navy. This picture was taken in a holding camp in Mauritania, where they were waiting to be deported back home that evening.
Ukraine. 2006. Outside Donetsk.
Mauritania/Senegal. 2008. This image maps the journey of a Senegalese man, Demba, who tried numerous times to leave Senegal. Demba is one of thousands who try every year to go by boat to Europe with the hope of a better income and life, but who more often than not end up either in prison, or worse yet, drowned at sea. (Translation) "My name is Demba Balde, 9 days of truck in the desert. 13 deaths because of hungry. I was scared. One year and a half that I've not been with a woman. I was really lonely. Working during one year and a half: lot of money, people were really racists. To Algeria: 10 hours walking. Algerians are good, I was happy. To Morocco: 5 days by car. 9 days walking, 2 deaths because of tiredness. I panicked. To Spain: 24 hours of dugout canoe. I felt happiness but also fear. In Spain: I had one hour of joy but I was also very scared. To Dakar: Police repatriated me. I returned in 2002. Dakar: Police took me all my money. I was really angry. Departure is in 2 hours. To Bamako: 5 days. The traffickers tried to steal my money. 24 hour in a bus. Burkina Paso: No problem, I have plenty of hope. 3 days by car. Niger: Here 25 days. The police beat me up. They stole my money. I had almost lost hope."
Liberia. 2008.
Ukraine. 2006-2008. Grid of images of the victims of human trafficking in Ukraine.
Ukraine. 2007.