Eagerly anticipated on newsstands and in mailboxes, the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has become a staple of the sporting community and a contributor of some warmth during bleak winter months, arriving this year the day after Valentine’s.

In homage, we hereby present our version as a framework from which to depart from our usual format, and present a broad selection of work unified around a central theme. And in our usual spirit of diversity, it is a selection that samples work from a spectrum of genres, eras, functions, technologies and motives; from the familiar to the obscure, from the amateur to the professional and from the iconic and classic to that made last week.  

Rather than resorting to the predictable, pneumatic cheesecake, the work represents aspects of daily life and bridges the complexities and contradictions of public and private. We see photographs of community rituals, of the pivot of childhood into awkward adolescence, of the simple pleasure of a summer afternoon; photographs that articulate human fragility and vulnerability and occasionally offering some transcendence from the weight of daily life, and our aspirations for an improved self. The swimsuit as a conceptual and formal framework, a container of high style and the occasional goofball high jinks complete what ultimately revels the photograph as enabling and corroborating all facets of our life together.

Writing from Cuernavaca. 

Here’s to spring,