2011 Swimsuit Issue: III

Nathaniel Goldberg
Joerg Colberg
Joerg Colberg
Joerg Colberg
Carlo Van De Roer: Untitled (Astoria Park, Queens, New York), 2007.
Sølve Sundsbø
Malcom Lightner: Pink, Okeechobee, Florida, 2009.
Miroslav Tichy
Jeanette Williams: Untitled, Budapest, 2004 from The Bathers.
Steven Meisel
Alex Prager: Four Girls, 2007.
Toni Frissell: Harper's Bazaar, January 1950.
Martin Parr, Lifeguard, 2001.
Matthew Barney, Delay Of Game (Manual) B, 1991.
David Benjamin Sherry: The Day Was Like A Glove And He's Floating Like A Dove, 2007.
Carlo Van De Roer: Untitled, (Astoria Park, Queens, New York), 2007.
Luis Sanchis