Marco Breuer




a condition

an obsolete word


cause:  inevitability of loss of life, certain death

highly susceptible to death

subject to death

impermanent, transient, ephemeral

highly perishable

corps, cadaver, carcass

remains: all that is left

extinction is the cessation of existence of a species

mortal, not immortal (see also: mortals, mere mortals)

foregone conclusion

comfort of certainty

death and taxes

death rate: one per person

ways to go: homicide, suicide, accident, natural, undetermined

guns don’t kill people

deadly, lethal, terminal


a fatality

a casualty

collateral damage

wrongful death

the untimely death

He doesn’t have a body, he is a body. Was a body?

She wants to die peacefully in her sleep, like her grandfather. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

a list of preventable causes of death

natural causes

algor mortis: the steady change in body temperature until matching ambient temperature

death certificate, death mask, death bed

death notice, obituary, necrology, eulogy

Wenn das Haus fertig ist, kommt der Tod

last words


and then you die